HAPPYBABYPUFFS(R) – The Only Organic Puffs on the Market – Are Now Available Nationally; Company Works with Method to Lower Puffs Carbon Footprint; Begins Marketing Partnership with Stonyfield Farms YoBaby Yogurt

HAPPYFAMILY has also formed a marketing partnership with organic food pioneer Stonyfield Farm. Stonyfield Farm will take advantage of its unique synergies with HAPPYFAMILY to have that company’s network of Community Marketing Specialists promote YoBaby(R) organic whole milk yogurts for babies and toddlers alongside its own organic baby and toddler meals.

HAPPYBABYPUFFS are the company’s fourth product line of healthy and beneficial foods designed to give babies and toddlers/kids the best possible start in life by developing a taste for nutritious and flavorful foods.

Founded on Mother’s Day 2006, HAPPYFAMILY is now the leading brand of premium organic meals for babies and toddlers/kids. The company also makes HAPPYBABY(R) fresh frozen organic baby food, HAPPYBELLIES(R) the only organic baby cereals with DHA and probiotics, and HAPPYBITES(R) handheld organic toddler/kids meals with hidden veggies.

*than Gerber and Beech Nut


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