Forestweb/Industry Intelligence Introduce Crisis Navigator

Industry Intelligence’s newest business intelligence product, Crisis Navigator, gives users clarity amid the chaos of information overload. Its dashboard of instruments is designed to help a company navigate the uncertainties and detect foreseeable challenges, minimizing the element of surprise.

In one concise, real-time snapshot, users can see clearly how the financial crisis has affected – and will affect – their industry and related market sectors, allowing them to take a proactive stance.

Key product features of Crisis Navigator include:

Over the past six months, Industry intelligence has invested heavily in the development of this new service by improving the innovative proprietary technology behind its suite of information management solutions. It added value by expanding its scope of critical competitive intelligence content and by entering new markets such as plastics packaging. It learned more about clients’ needs and challenges in anticipation of sharing best practices.

“Our clients wanted to see the ‘bigger picture’ – information from all angles and perspectives – so they could better understand how current economic conditions have affected and will affect their businesses, clients, and competitors,” added Ghandour.

Industry Intelligence and sister company, Forestweb, specialize in providing business intelligence solutions for a diverse group of industries, including wood products, pulp and paper, packaging, timberlands, builders and developers, plastics and agribusiness.

SOURCE Industry Intelligence Inc.

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