Research and Markets: The US Wind Energy Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2013

The report provides detailed analysis and forecasts of the global wind power market and the US wind market in particular. It also helps in analyzing and forecasting key metrics relating to the installed capacities, market size and growth. The report facilitates to understand onshore and offshore market in the US. It provides information relating to the major wind farms onshore and offshore projects and also the upcoming projects in the US. The report helps to comprehend the wind turbine industry and the regulatory framework regarding the wind market in the US. It offers interesting results on the market share of the top manufacturers in the US wind turbine industry. Additionally, it also provides ten profiles of the major wind turbine companies in the US.

The report also provides trends and analysis of investments in the US wind power market as well as deal summary and news flow for the last 6 months. On an all, it helps an investor to gauge the market and technological development of the US wind market.


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