TOMCAR(R) Partners With Next Generation Power to Provide On-The-Go Power Solutions

TOMCAR is the acclaimed manufacturer of the highly capable TOMCAR(R) TM2, TM4 and TM5 off-road vehicles which are available with a choice of gas or diesel engines. Whether being used for military, forestry, mining, construction or agriculture, TOMCAR vehicles are known for getting the job done.

As a result of the partnership with Next Gen, a leader in ultra-compact power solutions, TOMCAR vehicles can now be outfitted with generators or combination units to provide customers with the auxiliary power they need in the field.

TOMCAR is a military grade, high-performance vehicle originally designed for military and border patrol use and now being produced as a virtually indestructible commercial and recreational vehicle, built to go “ANYWHERE AND BACK(TM).

TOMCAR vehicles are currently utilized in a variety of markets including: military, first responder, mining, construction, agriculture, tourism and recreation.


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