In-Control Security, Inc. Subsidiary Cal-Bay Controls Announces Testing of Hydrogen Generator On Agricultural Engines for Emissions Reduction and Increased Energy Efficiency

The purpose of the testing program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Global Energy’s patent-pending Hydrogen Generator product in reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency on diesel-fired internal combustion engines used in the agricultural industry for on-site electrical power generation and pumping operations.

Calandria Farms and the agricultural industry operate a large number of diesel-fired engines and other types of equipment that are required to comply with emissions reductions mandated by the State of California and the USEPA in the near future.

According to Robert J. Thompson, President of In-Control Security, Inc., “The Hydrogen Generator product developed by Global Energy and distributed by Cal-Bay Controls has proven to be successful in other industries, and we believe that this testing program will demonstrate the potential for energy efficiency improvements and environmental emissions reductions on engines commonly used in the Agricultural industry. Based on the research performed to date, we believe that this testing program will be successful and that there will be a significant market potential for this product.” Mr. Thompson also said, “Cal-Bay Controls has many years experience in working with governmental regulatory agencies and emissions-testing companies to measure and reduce emissions, and we will provide this expertise to assist Global Energy in their testing program to verify the accuracy of the test results. We plan to publish the results of our testing in the near future.”

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