Research and Markets: Research Report on Chinas Animal Vaccine Industry, 2009

In 2008, the market size of Chinese animal vaccine is about 3 billion Yuan (0.43 billion US Dollars), increased by 30% in 2007, and will still keep a fast growth in years.

This depends on many factors: first, the food consumption of Chinese residents has changed from quantity to quality. People pay more attention to the safety of agriculture food; second, Chinese government’s raising policy is changing from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of safety. Animal vaccine industry is the leading industry concerning the safety of Chinese animal products. More attention from government, society and consumers is the driving force of fast growth.

Chinese animal vaccine market shows the following development trends:

Updating and upgrading of products is the medium and long factors that drive the development of the animal vaccine industry.

What is more important, the new law on animal epidemic prevention makes it clear for the development of animal vaccine industry, which helps to promote the construction of Chinese animal epidemic prevention system, links from producing to using and promote the validity and effectiveness of prevention.

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