Inner Fence and Merchant Focus Processing Sign R3 Reseller Agreement, Offer Merchants End to End Credit Card Processing Solution for iPhone

Inner Fence, LLC and Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. team up to offer merchants a one stop shop for accepting credit card payments on their iPhone. The solution includes a merchant account from Merchant Focus Processing, a payment gateway from Authorize.Net, and Inner Fence’s industry leading Credit Card Terminal for iPhone as a bundled package.

“Our partnership with Merchant Focus Processing gives our customers a complete mobile point-of-sale solution which includes acceptance of all major credit cards in real time on our Credit Card Terminal,” said Derek Del Conte, Co-Founder of Inner Fence. “With the R3 Reseller program, we were able to create a merchant account offering that makes sense for our small and medium business customers.”

The iPhone Virtual Terminal and merchant account bundled solution is popular with photographers, computer technicians, limo drivers, home party sales associates, merchants at fairs and farmers’ markets, and many more small businesses.

“We are delighted to be working with Inner Fence through our R3 Reseller program,” said John Waldron, Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Focus Processing. “In my opinion the Credit Card Terminal from Inner Fence is going to reshape the way small business thinks about mobile payments. Having the power to take out your phone and securely accept a credit card in real time is very powerful for any mobile merchant.”

Inner Fence is a Seattle-based software development company focused on business apps for the iPhone and the developer of Credit Card Terminal, which allows merchants to process credit cards from anywhere using their iPhone.

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through, and brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through

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