SmartBoom and SmartRow Now Interface with Cruizer!

Affordable automatic boom and planter control is now at users fingertips through the simplicity of the Cruizer! Raven is excited to introduce SmartRow automatic planter control via the same SmartBoom automatic boom control console- that’s two separate section control systems through one console! Simply interface SmartRow or SmartBoom through the Cruizer guidance system for easy set up and control.

• Simple set up and operation

• Set field boundaries to keep spray inside the field

• Create no-spray areas

• Limit skips and product waste

• System override for manual operation

• Compatible with Cruizer and Envizio Pro

• Simply add a planter kit to the SmartBoom console to convert

• Set field boundaries to determine acreage

• Create no-plant areas

• Limit cross planting and wasted seed

• System override for manual operation

• Easy to understand GPS guidance

• Simple to operate and install

• Improve accuracy and efficiency

• Easily transport from cab to cab

• Easy to read touch screen display

• Competitive price for quick payback

Since 1978, Raven has helped define the concept of precision agriculture-and continues to create ground-breaking ideas and products that improve the position of growers around the world. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for agricultural innovation, product reliability and unmatched service and support. From field computers to boom controls, from GPS guidance to steering systems, Raven is leading the way for precision ag technology that delivers in the field. In partnership with our network of Raven dealers and distributors, we’re helping growers of all sizes and all types work smarter, reduce input costs and increase yields and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less and getting more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.

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