Biotropics Ramuan Health & Spa Products to Debut at Expo West

Biotropics is debuting its revolutionary line of Ramuan Health and Ramuan Spa products at Natural Products ExpoWest prior to the company’s US launch later this Spring. Based on the Malaysian concept of Ramuan, Biotropics has created topical products and herbal supplements designed to help women and men feel youthful, sexually vital, and maintain optimal beauty and wellness. Biotropics Ramuan products will be distributed nationally and available through GNC, natural products, and spa retailers.

“Biotropics Ramuan Health and Spa products were inspired by a health regimen Malaysians have practiced for centuries,” said Dr. Joerg Gruenwald, Biotropics Chief Scientific Officer. “We’re introducing our men’s and women’s lines of Ramuan Health herbal supplements formulated with botanicals used in Malay wellness practices and coated with Ulam – a natural leafy herb consumed daily by Malaysians – to compliment a person’s natural balance and enhance youthful vigor. Our Ramuan Spa beauty aids were designed to smooth and invigorate the skin.”

Ramuan is a Malay concept for a harmony of ingredients; Ramuan tradition holds that outer beauty is a manifestation of inner health & balance. Ramuan came from the cultural cross-pollination of Indian ayurvedics, Chinese herbalists and Malay healing customs and inspired Biotropics development of holistic health and beauty products created from carefully selected blends of natural health promoting plants and herbs.

Biotropics researchers combined the best available ingredients, many indigenous to the Malaysian rainforest, and designed first-of-their-kind products to meet the health and wellness needs of modern women and men. Biotropics Asmara for Women enhances sexual vitality & reproductive health; Ramuan Health – Women’s Blends (one for Day and Night) helps maintain hormonal balance, healthy aging and vitality; Tenaga for Men is for sexual fitness and vitality; and Ramuan Health – Men’s Blend also includes Tongkat Ali to help recapture a man’s youthful vigor, sexual wellness and promote healthy aging.

Biotropics Spa Topical products include Green Coffee Body Oil to moisturize, invigorate & pamper the skin; Relaxing Face Mask with Tongkat Ali nourishes and conditions; Malaysian Coffee Scrub leaves skin feeling silky smooth; and Coconut Body Polish stimulates circulation for a lasting glow.

“Biotropics Ramuan products come from Malaysia’s rich tradition of health and vitality,” said Christof Jaenicke, Biotropics CEO. “We’re happy to bring them to American consumers for the first time.”

Biotropics is dedicated to the responsible manufacture and distribution of Malaysia’s treasured herbal health & beauty aids. Biotropics staff is united by a common desire to see Malaysia’s rich herbal traditions made available to the world, using natural ingredients responsibly harvested from indigenous sources, including ancient rainforests and tropical plantations.

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