Agriculture Secretary Offers Budget-Conscious Tips to Help Consumers Get What They Pay For

“Almost everything we buy is sold by weight, volume, length, count or measure,” said Wolff. “State and local weights and measures officials work behind the scenes to help consumers, businesses and manufacturers get exactly what they pay for. By understanding what to look for when purchasing goods, Pennsylvanians can help ensure our markets are equitable.”

Wolff suggested the following tips for consumers:

Scales ranging from small-retail to large-capacity truck scales, truck-mounted fuel meters, liquid-petroleum gas meters, retail fuel pumps, and all consumer scanning systems in 46 counties are inspected by the state. Twenty-one counties inspect their own devices.

If questions arise as to the integrity of a device, first contact the business operator. If he or she cannot or will not help, call the Department of Agriculture’s toll-free weights and measures consumer line at 1-877-TEST-007 (1-877-837-8007).

SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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