Shotgun Acquires Hydroponics Vertical Farming Company Organa Gardens Inc.

Both the OGS-D and OGS-E are a rotary hydroponics vertical farming systemdesigned with serviceability, ease-of-use and maximum harvest in mind. Bothmodels are modular, allowing them to be expanded by stacking them. Itsspecially designed waterwheel technology allows the fully automated systemto recycle and reuse 95% of the water used while requiring a negligibleamount of energy to run.

The OGS-D is a strong, low-cost ABS plastic model which provides for a highdensity and high yield production for the home gardener. The OGS-E is apowder-coated steel, professional grade vertical farming hydroponic systemdesigned for use in large-scale commercial farming and growing operations.The design captures almost all of the lumens emitted by the light source,ultimately saving money and minimizing time to harvest. The rotationaldesign allows for maximum plant hormones distribution (Geotropism orGravatropism) resulting in increased growth rate and stronger plants.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Shotgun will issue up to 25,000,000restricted 144 shares over a five year period or sooner based on certaingross revenue benchmarks being met from all revenue streams derived fromthe technology acquired from Organa Gardens Inc. and a cash commitment ofup to $500,000 from Shotgun to complete the final steps of taking the OGS-Dand OGS-E to market.

The Shotgun name change to Organa Gardens International Inc. is in processand the effective date will be announced when it is determined.

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