USAU Embarks Upon New Enterprise

Their innovative water generating system will be powered by advanced solar technology, producing energy during the daytime and storing it in a fast release and response flow battery. The stored energy is then released at night to operate a solid state cooling system which passes already night cooled air over it to induce humidity separation. The dried air is then passed over the hot obverse side of the same panel to carry off the process heat produced. The Eden Machine is conceptualized to cheaply, efficiently and continuously generate water for human, agricultural or industrial utilization.

The ARCLEIN Group’s vision is to utilize the Eden Machine as a method for Terraforming the earth’s desert regions and constructively changing the global climate. They believe the deserts of the earth, which represent 30% of all land surfaces, can be restored to woodlands by farming water from the atmosphere.

Taking advantage of the fact that even in the center of the driest desert, the moisture content of the atmosphere is in excess of 13% and can be a more optimal 60% on the desert’s edge, it becomes possible to use refrigeration cycle systems to strip moisture from the air and collect it. It is in the nature of things for moisture to be exhaled from plants into the atmosphere. This same moisture can be recycled over and over again as rainfall. The Eden Machines simply encourage this natural process along.

The Company has agreed to provide funding to the ARCLEIN Group in exchange for the exclusive marketing and distribution rights to the product upon the completion of their prototyping program.

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