90,000 Students and Staff Rely on 2X Software to Ensure High Terminal Server Access Availability

“We were careful to specify a robust system from the outset. In the twoyears we have been running the Centrally Hosted MIS system, we have onlyhad to log into the 2X servers once monthly during scheduled downtime whichshows just how reliable the 2X software has been,” said Leon Cripps, SystemSupport Manager, Education ICT Service, Cambridgeshire County Council.”The single most important benefit of using the software has been that ithas fitted in seamlessly with our existing infrastructure without the needto retrain staff or change systems management software,” continued Cripps.

Cambridgeshire Education ICT selected 2X Software’s LoadBalancer solutionto load balance their terminal services farm and help with scheduledmaintenance. The ability to install 2X on a Windows OS was a decidingfactor in Cambridgeshire Education IT choosing 2X Software.

“This saved us from having to spend time learning how to support a newhardware appliance and allowed us to continue using our standard monitoringtools to give us continuity across all of our servers,” commented Cripps.

2X Software offers tailor-made, easy-to-implement and cost efficientvirtual computing solutions. The product range of 2X includes the 2XApplication Server for Windows Terminal Services for the publishing ofapplications, the 2X LoadBalancer for Windows Terminal Services andCitrix-Server and the 2X ThinClientServer for Windows and Linux. Shortly,the 2X VirtualDesktopServer supporting VDI solutions like Hyper-V, VMwareESX, Virtual Iron and Parallels will be released.

“We are pleased that Cambridgeshire Education ICT chose 2X LoadBalancerwith integrated resource-based load balancing. This 2X product is theperfect complement to Windows Terminal Servers. For the Council’s futureplans, we hope to provide 2X VirtualDesktopServer– our new cost-effective connection broker — to deliver virtualizeddesktops and published applications to end users while keeping theirservers resource balanced,” explains Nikolaos Makris, CEO 2X Software Ltd.

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