Research and Markets: Global Market and Applications Analysis for Nanotechnology Use in the Food and Drink Industries

The nanoscale is not new to the food and beverage sector, with various phenomena already witnessed and exploited in nutraceutical and functional food formulation, manufacturing, and processing. Colloid science, for example, has been applied to food materials for a long time. An array of food and beverages contain components that are nanoscale in size and in processing (dairy for example), the manipulation of naturally occurring nanoparticles is involved.

Market sub sector: Agriculture


Market sub sector: Food production


Market sub sector: Conservation/Packaging


Market sub sector: Novel foods


However, it is only recently that novel applications have come under investigation for new functionalities and efficient delivery mechanisms for food and beverages. New tools and processes are allowing researchers greater understanding of areas such as the mechanisms of targeted delivery that will potentially lead to smart delivery for both optimization of human health and novel physical, visual and sensory effects. Potential applications include food that can alter its colour, flavour or nutrients to suit each consumer’s preference or health requirements; filters that can take out toxins or modify flavours by sifting through certain molecules based on their shape instead of size; and packaging that can detect when its contents are spoiling, and change colour to warn consumers. The understanding of food materials and food processing at the nanoscale is important in order to create new and improved food products.

This report provides an in-depth assessment of the impact of nanotechnologies, covering:

Application areas addressed include:

1 Introduction

2 Regulations and Consumer Safety

3 Commercialising Nanotechnology

4 Key Nanotechnologies for the Food and Drink Industries

5 the Global Market for Nanotechnology in the Food and Drink Industries

6 Technology Developers

7 Glossary of Terms

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