Rogers Estate Coffees brews up national coffee giveaway to celebrate UK launch

The Rogers family have been experts in growing, harvesting and roastingcoffees for 30 years. For their UK website launch, Rogers Estate Coffees isgiving away thousands of coffee sachets from the delicious Cafe Flavors orOrganic Coffee Co. range. Each sachet will make three to four great tastingcups of Belgian Chocolate, Irish Cream, Chocolate Raspberry, Wild Hazelnut,Hurricane Espresso, Java Love or Rainforest Blend coffee.

Coffees now available to buy from the UK website include the full flavourSan Francisco Bay, the great tasting Cafe Flavors, and the Organic Coffee Co.blends, made from certified 100% Arabica beans.

The online coffee shop is easy to use with a roasting guide indicatingthe strength of each coffee together with information about its origin,roasting process and flavour. Once you have made your first order theRecaffeinate process makes it quick and simple to repeat previous orders.

Rogers Family Coffee Co. is a truly international company with their owncoffee farms and aid projects that deliver continuous and permanentimprovements to the lives of the coffee farmers and their communities. TheirCommunity Aid projects include building houses, providing doctors, schools,medical and educational supplies, clean drinking water systems and moderncooking facilities. Rogers Family Coffee Co. ensures all money earmarked forCommunity Aid goes directly to social and environmental projects.

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