Artisanal Premium Launches Retail Strategy

Since its inception in 2003, Artisanal has been marketed to the highest segment of the restaurant and hotel industry and also through its catalog and website. The Company is a fulfillment partner with luxury retailers like Williams-Sonoma, Neiman-Marcus, Dean & Deluca, Sur la Table, Petrossian and others. In 2008, the company opened new markets in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas.

Daniel W. Dowe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Artisanal commented, “We are expanding Artisanal’s focus to include the premium specialty and upscale supermarket business. This is a new market for Artisanal estimated at $35 billion, where specialty cheeses are growing significantly. Our very first foray into retail at one independent bakery in Manhattan yielded $8,000 a month in retail cheese sales from a small refrigerated cabinet less than 12 square feet. There are 18,000 specialty stores in the United States and 50,000 supermarkets. Not all of them are right for the Artisanal brand, but just a few points of penetration will dramatically expand Artisanal’s sales.”

Mr. Dowe continued, “With the challenging economic situation at hand, we believe consumers will move to replicate restaurant quality dining experiences while remaining at home. Likewise, the American palate is growing more knowledgeable and demanding about the origins of food from quality to presentation. Artisanal Premium Cheeses are affordable luxuries and by increasing their availability in the marketplace, we believe we will attract additional loyal customers.”

“We look forward to working with WahlRich Group whose branding and merchandising expertise are sure to increase the visibility of our line of luxury cheese and assist the growth of our Company,” Mr. Dowe concluded.

“We are proud to have been selected by Artisanal Premium Cheese as their branding and merchandising agency of record,” said Andrew Wahl managing partner of the WahlRich Group.

“Artisanal has the opportunity to revolutionize the way premium foods are sold at the retail level and we are excited to work with the Company to realize the vision of Artisanal as a luxury brand. We will also help the Company extend the Artisanal brand well beyond cheese to encompass the finest best-in-class artisanal foods from all over the world.”

In August 2007 American Home Food Products, Inc. acquired 100% of the ownership interests in Artisanal Premium Cheese. The Company operates in the specialty cheese market in the United States. The company markets and distributes a line of specialty, artisanal and farmstead cheese products, as well as other related specialty food products under its own brand to food wholesalers and retailers, as well as directly to consumers through its catalogue and Web site, American Home Food Products, Inc. is based in New York, New York.

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