Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Exhibits at Boston Seafood Show 2009 to Promote Growth of Import Products to the U.S.

The Japan Pavilion will feature ten leading Japanese seafood producers that will exhibit ingredients that align with the top U.S. imports, in addition to new products poised for growth in the U.S. market. Below is an overview of the products from among the top ten Japanese exports to the United States which will be demonstrated at IBSS; all figures are percentage change from past years:

“Japan has several of the most productive fishery resources in the world, boasting a large and diverse selection of more than 33 species, which no doubt attributes to such rapid growth in U.S. market,” said Mr. Hisashi Endo, Director of Fisheries Products Trade Office for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of Japan. “We are excited for the opportunity to present these products to, and to continue to track upcoming trends within, the North American market at IBSS.”

Based on the continued success of the many varied products, MAFF also expects increased U.S. interest in natural ingredients that add variety to dishes that have become a mainstream delicacy, including sushi. To help facilitate education and exploration of these popular Japanese flavors, the below products will also be featured at the Japan Pavilion:

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