SOASTA Adds BrowserFarm Functionality to CloudTest(TM)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/11/09 — SOASTA, the leader in cloud testing,today introduced BrowserFarm functionality for its CloudTest On-Demandtesting service. This new feature provides companies the option todynamically generate browser-based users driving load from the Cloud acrossgeographically disperse locations, enhancing its CloudTest load andperformance testing offering with client-side performance metrics.

BrowserFarm functionality enables load testing with actual browsers forstand-alone browser-only tests and for enhancing large-scale Web system(Web applications and services) load tests with additional browser users tovalidate the “last mile” client-side experience of Web systems. The optionof testing both browser-based and virtual users allows companies to choosea testing scenario best suited to their testing requirements withoutcompromising on cost, quality, testing speed, convenience, and upper testlimit. The ability to combine both browser-based users and virtual users inthe same load test allows customers to see, for example, how 5,000browser-based users will experience the Web system, while under load fromanother 500,000 virtual users.

Measuring the experience and performance of browser-based users is animportant aspect of comprehensive load and performance testing. SOASTA’sBrowserFarm functionality enables customers to define sets of browser-basedusers accessing Web systems from globally distributed locations, at varyingloads and levels, on all modern Windows- or Linux-based Web browsers acrosstraditional and Web 2.0 technologies. SOASTA provisions groups of actualWeb browsers running customer-defined Web scenarios on its CloudTest GlobalPlatform. Adding these browser-side metrics to its leading edge, real-timestreaming analytic dashboards now provides visibility to performance issuesacross all system dimensions.

“To understand what could lead to abandoned shopping carts, poor userexperience, or frozen transactions, customers wanted the flexibility in ourservice to measure end-user experience regardless of a user’s location orbrowser choice,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA. “This new feature letscustomers add browser users appropriately to their larger-scale Web loadtests or choose a browser-only load test leveraging our CloudTest GlobalPlatform and real-time analytics.”

No Assembly Required

BrowserFarm functionality is an addition to SOASTA’s CloudTest On-Demandservice. Customers receive a turnkey, hourly load testing service thatincludes all software, cross-Cloud hardware and provisioning, testingsupport and real-time analysis and results reporting. SOASTA customers andpartners simply provide the URL to be tested, and tests, monitoring, andanalysis can begin in hours.


SOASTA CloudTest with BrowserFarm functionality is available now. For thenext 90 days SOASTA customers can run a 500 browser user test for $500.


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