HP Hood and Organic Valley Cut Organic Family Farmers Income and NODPA Praises Horizon Organic for Honoring Their Contract With Their Farmers

Many organic dairy farmers are now faced with the difficult decision to either take on more debt (if anybody will loan them the money) or cut back on essential household expenses like health insurance or sell their cows to pay down existing debt. The higher prices that consumers pay for organic milk and dairy products doesn’t mean a high milk price for family farmers.

Processors have been pushing organic dairy farmers to produce more low cost milk based on using pasture and their own forage. They are now telling producers to cut production by 10-15% and that they can’t deal with the “spring flush” of milk from those farms that have expanded their use of pasture. The many mixed messages suggesting that farmers either reduce costs or lower their pay price is causing enough uncertainty that the next generation of organic farmers are questioning the long-term viability of organic dairy.

The mission of the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance is to enable organic dairy family farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole, with particular emphasis on:

The Federation Of Organic Dairy Producers is an umbrella group for the three regional organic dairy farmer organizations: Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA), Midwest Organic Dairy Producers Association (MODPA), and Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (WODPA). FOOD Farmers represents over 1,200 or two thirds of organic dairy farmers across the country.

SOURCE Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

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