Raven Industries Reports Record Results for Fiscal 2009

“Our results were buoyed by phenomenal demand from the agricultural market during the year,” Moquist explained. “We have said all along that this kind of growth was unsustainable, and that it will be hard to beat that performance in our current year. However, Applied Technology should benefit from several factors. While commodity prices are down from prior records, they remain at strong levels. And growers still are seeing increases in input costs, creating demand for our precision application products. We plan to strengthen the distribution of our products domestically and internationally. We also expect to add to our complete suite of products that make farming more productive – by introducing complementary services such as helping growers build databases to better manage field information.”

“We believe ours is the most financially sound company in the fragmented industrial films marketplace,” Moquist said. “Our plan to ride out the current difficult market has three elements. First, we will emphasize product differentiation: creating high quality films at prices that are comparable with competitors’ lower performing commodity films – offering customers a better value for the same price. Second, we are negotiating better prices and terms on raw materials, which can account for up to 70 percent of our films’ price, so have a significant impact on margins. Third, we will improve operating efficiencies. This includes benefiting from the efficient extrusion equipment put in place in recent years, and sizing the business to reflect its current opportunities.”

“Each quarter of this past year was affected by the downturn in new home construction and home improvements, and the loss of a customer through acquisition,” commented Moquist. “We shifted our focus to other markets we already serve that hold more promise. These include avionics and secure communications. Electronic Systems also is working to improve operational efficiencies. This is helping reduce total delivered cost–an important advantage as quality and supply chain disruptions associated with overseas competitors become more acute.”

“This business is in a strong position to weather the recession,” Moquist said. “Aerostar has contracts for parachutes and specialty protective outerwear for the military. Its aerostats are in demand by NASA, the military and scientific customers. We plan to grow by developing and promoting tethered aerostats, which have wide-ranging applications for communications, surveillance and intelligence work.”

“This will be the most challenging year in our history,” Moquist said. “Our outlook includes a continued downturn for the economy this year, and it factors in a long and slow recovery. Under these difficult conditions, we don’t expect to post another earnings record. What we can do, and have always done, is to optimize performance regardless of what happens in our markets, and be ready to take advantage of opportunities.

“Raven has the resources to come out of this recession a strong survivor, but this requires us to implement a new strategy,” Moquist continued. “For the near term, growing the business at previous target rates is no longer a priority. Our new strategy has three parts. First, we will protect the core. This means getting rid of everything that is non-core (from assets to product lines), defending our core assets (such as businesses that have performed well in the past but will struggle in a recession), and protecting our core values and beliefs. Second, we will generate and preserve cash. This includes defending the balance sheet and improving working capital turnover through tactics such as increasing inventory turns and cutting expenses to the bone – but continuing to pay the dividend. Third, we will continue to invest in quality when it comes to customers, suppliers, products and R&D.”

Raven is an industrial manufacturer that provides electronic precision-agriculture products, reinforced plastic sheeting, electronics manufacturing services, and specialty aerostats and sewn products to niche markets.

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