Semaphore Introduces Upgrades to Kingfisher RTU Low Power Product Line

The LP-2 and LP-3 cost effectively open up the world of high-techcommunications and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)functionality to practically all remote locations. The products suit awide range of applications that include agriculture operations,environmental monitoring, gas metering, power metering and data logging.They’re intelligent, easy-to-use, and feature ladder logic capability withvery flexible I/O and communication ports. Very low power consumption isachieved using three modes — communication, scanning and sleeping — andmakes solar power feasible.

Each RTU is packaged in a two-part, rugged plastic enclosure that housesthe electronics and communication interfaces. The LP-3 adds an analogoutput and a second, network port option which supports cellular and PSTNmodems and UHF radios.

LP-2 / LP-3 Low Power RTUs are compatible with the entire family ofKingfisher RTU products and are configured using the same Toolbox software.The LP-2 and LP-3 are further compatible with practically any other SCADAsystem through the use of a broad variety of communications protocols.

Kingfisher Plus is an advanced, modular RTU that offers expansion up to1000 I/O points. The G30 is a compact RTU that extends the fullcapabilities of Semaphore’s Kingfisher Plus+ product line to small SCADAsystem applications requiring up to 32 I/O points. Kingfisher RTU systemsare well suited to large, demanding measurement and control applications.

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