Green Globe International, Inc. Issues March 2009 Newsletter Reviewing Initial Acquisition of Certification Business and Recent Agreement for Green Globe Index Measurement Tool

The newsletter explains that the Index Tool developed by SustainabilityIntelligence will be branded as the Green Globe Index and will be used aspart of the Green Globe certification and benchmarking program as well asoffered as a standalone online resource for Green Globe Internationalclients. The Green Globe Index tool will allow clients to calculate theirCO2e footprint, the financial cost of that CO2e, and to track theirperformance of energy and water consumption and non-recyclable wasteproduction.

Also included in the newsletter is the launch of Green Globe Certificationunder the direction of Guido Bauer and the company’s plans to acquire theremaining ownership percentage of the company and position it as a whollyowned subsidiary of Green Globe International.

In his greeting to shareholders, Steven R. Peacock, CEO and ManagingDirector of Globe International, addressed the twelve months since thecompany acquired Green Globe. “In those 12 months, your company has set upa network of professionals from consultants and affiliates to trainedauditors who now represent Green Globe around the world. Additionally, wehave created our own Green Globe Certification company that uses an onlinecertification system that is the best in the business, and just recently wehave announced the launch of the Green Globe Index measurement tool inpartnership with Sustainable Intelligence.

“Expect to see some really exciting announcements regarding new clientssigning up with Green Globe International and expect to see the start of aGreen Globe Membership Club that provides everything from current eventsinvolving the environment to green travel information and travel discountsto its members.”

The Green Globe brand and program trace their roots back to the UnitedNations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 Heads of Stateendorsed the Agenda 21 principles of Sustainable Development.

Green Globe International, an affiliate member of the United Nations WorldTourism Organization (UNWTO), has endorsed the efforts of the UnitedNations Foundation, Rainforest Alliance, the United Nations EnvironmentProgramme (UNEP) and the UNWTO in launching the Global Sustainable TourismCriteria (GSTC).

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