Symmetry Medical Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2008 Financial Results

The weighted average number of diluted shares outstanding during the fourth quarter of 2008 was 35,368,601.

Mr. Moore continued, “Looking forward into 2009, we have an optimistic outlook on the many opportunities that our strong market position offers. However, given the current macroeconomic climate, we are managing the business on a conservative basis as we gauge the extent and breadth of the impact on the orthopedic arena.”

The following forward-looking estimates regarding 2009 earnings guidance are based on current market conditions and foreign currency comparisons. Actual results may differ materially, and we refer you to forward-looking statements located at the end of the press release.

Symmetry Medical Inc. is a leading independent provider of implants and related instruments and cases to the orthopedic device industry. The Company also designs, develops and produces these products for companies in other segments of the medical device market, including arthroscopy, dental, laparoscopy, osteobiologic and endoscopy sectors and provides limited specialized products and services to non-healthcare markets, such as the aerospace market.

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