PPG Aerospace Lightweight Fuel Tank Sealant Improves Airplane Fuel Efficiency

PR-2007 polysulfide sealant made by PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto is the first product qualified to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 3281 Type II for low-density, fuel-resistant polysulfide sealing compound and the lightest AMS-qualified aircraft sealant, according to Bill Keller, PPG Aerospace global segment manager for aerospace sealants.

“Using proprietary technology, we are taking sealant weight reduction to a new level,” Keller said. “With the thousands of fuel tank fasteners on an aircraft, sealant application can represent considerable weight. Our previous-generation product, PR-1776, affords a 20-percent weight savings over traditional sealants. PR-2007 provides another 10-percent weight savings on top of that. Specific gravity of cured PR-2007 sealant is just 1.1, slightly above the density of water, compared with 1.29 for PR-1776.”

PR-2007 sealant also cures in about half the time of PR-1776 sealant, Keller noted.

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