Green Hills Software Supports Latest Versions of the Intel Atom Processor Z5xx Series

SANTA BARBARA, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/03/09 — Green Hills Software, Inc., the worldleader in secure operating systems, today announced the early availabilityof its embedded software development solution for the latest options forthe Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor Z5xx series, which include an industrialtemperature range of -40 C to +85 C. These are the Intel Atom processorZ520PT and the Intel Atom processor Z510PT. The Green Hills Softwaresolution includes the INTEGRITY(R) real-time operating system andvirtualization technology, MULTI(R) integrated development environment(IDE), optimizing C/C++ compilers, and DoubleCheck(TM) static analyzer.Green Hills Software brings more than 25 years of experience in theembedded market, enabling customers to create and deploy reliable,high-performance products for industrial control, automotive infotainment,and a wide variety of other embedded applications in the least amount oftime and at the lowest cost.

INTEGRITY for the Intel Atom Processor Z5xx Series

The INTEGRITY RTOS’ unique and modern technology achieves unprecedentedlevels of security, safety, and availability for applications in industrialcontrol, transportation, medical, aerospace, and other industries.INTEGRITY is the foundation for Green Hills Software’s Platform forIndustrial Safety, with certification by TuV to IEC 61508 at SafetyIntegrity Level 3 (SIL3). INTEGRITY is also the first operating systemtechnology certified to EAL6+ High Robustness, the highest Common Criteriasecurity level ever achieved for an operating system. Only an EAL6+ HighRobustness operating system is certified to protect high value resourcesfrom sophisticated attackers.

The Ultimate Open Platform

With open standards support, POSIX conformant interfaces, and the abilityto host general purpose operating systems, such as Linux, in virtualmachines, INTEGRITY can run more application software than any otheroperating platform. At the same time, INTEGRITY maintains the absolutehighest level of security and real-time determinism for criticalcomponents, algorithms, applications, and subsystems. INTEGRITY on Intel’sAtom processor brings the world’s most ubiquitous architecture and itsecosystem of software to power-constrained, high reliability embeddedsystems.

“We are pleased to support the new industrial temperature options for theIntel Atom processor Z5xx series,” commented Dan Mender, vice president ofbusiness development, Green Hills Software. “Modern embedded system designsplace ambitious reliability, time-to-market, and time-in-market demands onhardware and software designers. The combination of INTEGRITY and the IntelAtom processor Z5xx series platform provides a compelling solution to thischallenge.”

“We recently added industrial temperature options to the Intel Atomprocessor platform for our embedded customers who need to deploy low-powerproducts in unconstrained thermal environments,” said Jonathan Luse,director of marketing, Intel Low Power Embedded Products Division. “TheIntel Atom processor Z5xx series platform provides a robustperformance-per-watt solution for running Green Hills Software’s tools andoperating systems in the industrial and automotive market segments.”

In addition to the INTEGRITY real-time operating system, the integratedGreen Hills software development solution for the Intel Atom processor Z5xxseries consists of the following components:

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