Nestl Purina Joins Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI) Steering Committee

“At Purina, we understand the deep bond and important roles of pets in our lives, because we’re pet lovers and pet parents, too,” Saguto said. “We’ve been helping dogs and cats live happy, healthy lives for more than 80 years, and we are always looking to partner with others who also promote responsible pet care.”

Purina joins 13 additional Steering Committee members which include: American Humane Association (AHA); American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA); Bayer Animal Health; Central Garden and Pet; Hartz; Hill’s Pet Nutrition; Morris Animal Foundation; Natural Balance; PetSafe; PetSmart; Segrest Farms, funded by Allen Levey; Sergeants; and WellPet. Together, with HABRI Association Supporters and founders, they will identify and fund new research topics, promote and engage audiences to use the online research hub – HABRI Central, as well as foster government relations and support to continue research on the benefits of the human-animal bond.

“We are pleased to welcome Nestl Purina to HABRI and are grateful to receive their support and commitment to the study of the human-animal bond,” Vetere said. “Their expertise and influence as one of the industry’s top leaders will greatly help support HABRI’s overall mission to gain widespread recognition of the positive roles animals have in our lives.”

To support the organization’s vision and mission, HABRI has established four initial work groups composed of Steering Committee members. The work groups include: Research Work Group; Support Work Group; Government Affairs Work Group; and Communication and Education Work Group.

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI) is a national, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting the positive role animals play in the health and well being of people, families and communities. HABRI, in partnership with Purdue University, has also created a comprehensive online research center, HABRI Central. HABRI Central serves as a comprehensive bibliography and repository of scholarly material, an online publishing platform for peer-reviewed content, and a virtual collaborative community for those involved in human-animal studies. Dr. Alan Beck, Director of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine’s Center for the Human-Animal Bond and Charles Watkinson, Director of Purdue University Press, oversees the development of the project. An editorial board of internationally acclaimed experts in the field guides content development to ensure that it remains relevant to the human-animal studies community.