Verlasso(R) Harmoniously Raised Salmon Reaches a Mile High with Northeast Seafood

“Our Rocky Mountain restaurant and retail partners demand sustainable seafood options because their customers expect foods that complement their values and lifestyles. Verlasso meets those needs with its low fish-in-fish-out ratio and thoughtful farming practices,” said Paul Packer, President at Northeast Seafood. “The salmon also cooks beautifully, with a buttery texture and taste that chefs and home cooks rave about.”

“I am very pleased with the Verlasso salmon. We try to mix it up a little with the wild species whenever we can, but with the wild season at a halt for now, we feel this farm raised product is the perfect alternative because it has almost the same fat content and flavor of the wild salmon,” said Jim Oliver, co-owner of Oliver’s Meats Market in Denver and a customer of Northeast Seafood. “With the availability of this product, we now have a better farmed salmon choice that will help our customers remain happy year round.”

“I was very impressed with not only the flavor profile of the fish, but also the access to information with the tags provided with every whole fish I buy,” said Tom Butler, founder and owner of Tom’s Seafood & Specialties and a Northeast Seafood customer. “It reassures my customers exactly where the product they are buying came from, as well as how it was raised. We find it to be an excellent addition to our seafood offerings.”

In addition to Oliver’s Meat Markets and Tom’s Seafood & Specialties, a number of other Northeast Seafood customers have already added Verlasso salmon to their lineups, including Lucky’s Market and the Renaissance Hotel in Boulder, Colo. as well as Caf Vino in Fort Collins, Colo.

Verlasso(R)is a brand and trademark of AquaChile.AquaChile and DuPont formed a collaboration that will blend the collective innovation and aquaculture expertise of the companies to identify how to raise fish sustainably to provide nutritious protein for a growing population.

Northeast Seafood Products was founded in 1980 with a simple premise of providing the Rocky Mountain region with the best quality fresh and frozen seafood. We still strive to fulfill this premise every day. Partnering with AquaChile on the Verlasso Salmon is just an example of our vision.