Universal Launches ProWood Professional Grade Lumber for the Serious DIY-er

Top-quality lumber treated with the world’s leading preservatives recognized for their enduring natures and environmental qualities, ProWood branded products will fill treated lumber needs for all users with the quality expected by the pros, and will include color-infused ProWood Dura Color(TM), kiln-dried lumber and sill plate products.

“More and more, serious do-it-yourselfers are looking for professional-grade products, and that’s what we’re offering with ProWood,” said Pat Webster, president and chief operating officer of Universal Forest Products. “There’s a great demand for a superior brand of products that lives up to its promises and delivers professional results, and ProWood is the answer.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased that Jason Cameron has agreed to promote ProWood. He’s an engaging and well-known television personality who isn’t just an entertainer, but also an expert: He’s a licensed contractor and knows quality when he sees it,” said Universal Director of Marketing Communications Mark Deremo. “Once he worked with ProWood and saw its vast superiority in performance and quality, he enthusiastically signed on and will be a great boon to our efforts.”

As the standard-bearer in the industry, Universal understands that not all pressure-treated wood is created equally, so the company decided to demonstrate and promote the differences by offering a professional-grade product to consumers.

“For years, we used the ProWood name to identify a number of high-quality Universal products,” said Webster. “Today, ProWood is the exclusive brand for our treated lumber and outdoor products that are backed with a lifetime limited warranty, from dimensional lumber and decking to finished products, like fencing.”

“It’s the all-in-one solution for pro-level performance from pressure-treated wood.”