Scalable Display Technologies Delivers on Contract for U.S. Coast Guard Aircrew Training Simulator

CAMBRIDGE, MA and ORLANDO, FL — (Marketwire) — 11/30/09 — I/ITSEC — Scalable DisplayTechnologies, a leading provider of software for multi-projector displaysystems, today announced the installation of its EasyBlend(TM) software inan aircrew weapons training simulator for the U.S. Coast Guard. PathfinderSystems, which specializes in the management and execution of U.S.government contracts, led the project to develop the Coast Guard AircrewWeapons Trainer (CGAWT) in support of the U.S. Coast Guard’s helicopteraircrew weapons training.

Designed to accommodate various on-board weapons employed by the CoastGuard, the CGAWT was developed under a Phase III Small Business InnovationResearch (SBIR) project and consists of a motion base from SarnicolaSimulation Systems, Inc., an image generator system from AechelonTechnology, Inc. and Scalable Display’s EasyBlend calibration software.Pathfinder Systems selected Scalable’s EasyBlend software to calibrate thecolor and geometry of the seven full high-definition projectors from JVC.Capable of being quickly and easily converted to accommodate MH-60C andMH-60J aircraft types, the CGAWT is installed at the US Coast GuardAviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama and will be used as asimulation device to train aerial gunnery.

“Our customers look to us as a knowledgeable and innovative resource indelivering solutions that meet their unique operational requirements,” saidIvan Jaszlics at Pathfinder Systems. “For this reason, we hold our partnersto the highest technology and business standards. Knowing that precisionwas a must-have for a training device of this kind, we selected Scalable’sEasyBlend technology, which has met our stringent standards by deliveringthe exceptional accuracy required for weapons training and the quality thatour customers have come to expect.”

EasyBlend offers the greatest level of technical precision in the industry,making it the ideal auto-calibration technology for military simulations.Using a patented camera-generated feedback system to calculatepixel-perfect instructions, or warp meshes, EasyBlend automaticallycalibrates the display and completes the task of aligning multipleprojector display systems within seconds to achieve the highest qualityedge-blended images with rich and precise color.

“Pathfinder Systems has a reputation in the industry for fulfilling itscontracts with exceptional quality, and at or below the contracted cost,”said Scalable CEO Andrew Jamison. “We are honored to have our EasyBlendsolution included in this project and are excited about the possibility ofworking with Pathfinder on future versions of the CGAWT, which are expectedto offer training for multiple Coast Guard stations.”

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