Game Commission Prepares To Collect Samples For CWD Testing

Statewide, Game Commission deer aging teams will begin collecting deer heads beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 28- the third day of the state’s two-week rifle deer season.The heads will be taken to the six Game Commission Region Offices, where samples will be collected for testing.

“Only 19 percent of the respondents said they were very concerned about CWD, 51 percent said they were somewhat concerned and 29 percent said they were not concerned at all,” Roe said. “However, the majority of respondents – 75 percent- said their behavior won’t change.Of those who will change their behavior, 12 percent said they would learn more about CWD and 9 percent said they would handle venison more carefully.

“All processors and taxidermists within the DMA will be recognized by the Game Commission as check stations, including those who are serving as direct cooperators,” Roe said.”Hunters will simply need to take their deer to any of these facilities within the DMA, and the Game Commission will be visiting each of the facilities to gather the necessary samples.

“While this may require some hunters to alter their preference of where they have their deer processed or mounted, it will help ensure that any potentially high-risk deer parts remain within the DMA. Doing so will fulfill the requirements of the agency’s Executive Order that high-risk deer parts remain within the DMA and that hunters who harvest a deer take their deer to a check station.”

The seven deer processors who will participate as direct cooperators for the Game Commission are:

The seven taxidermists who will participate as direct cooperators for the Game Commission are:

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SOURCE Pennsylvania Game Commission