Bamboo Sheets by Bed Voyage added to Bedding Line

Bamboo towels make use of the incredible absorbent quality of bamboo fabric. Bamboo is three times as absorbent as cotton! This fabric is a natural choice for sheets, towels and bathrobes. You get both the luxury of the soft, silky fabric and the greater absorbency of bamboo. The bamboo sheets wick the moisture away, adding to their comfort. Such a match!

Bamboo fabric retains the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the bamboo plant. In addition, the fabric is hypoallergenic and discourages dust mites. The fabric is so soft that it is recommended that perfumed laundry softeners not be used. This is one less thing to become reactive to.

Of interest to aware consumers is that bamboo is such a much preferred environmental choice than cotton. Cotton is a nasty plant to grow. Boll weevils love it, weeds compete with it. Cotton sucks the nutrients from the soil and it takes a lot of acreage to grow cotton. The farmer has to spray herbicide and insecticide and apply tons of fertilizer to the cotton fields to grow this crop. Twenty five percent of the herbicide produced is applied to the cotton crop. Bamboo doesn’t need herbicide or insecticide and generally it doesn’t need fertilizer. Plus, bamboo grows much more densely than cotton, so it takes up less land for the same amount of usable fiber.

Thinking of others! Bamboo farming contributes to a much friendlier biosphere for animals and insects. Where cotton fields are cut, burned and plowed under, every year, bamboo forests are sustainable. Due to the maturity cycle of bamboo, just the mature shoots are harvested. The bamboo forest and the immature shoots are left to grow another day! This means the animals, birds and insects that live in the bamboo environment aren’t left homeless on harvest day.

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