Sartori Cheese Presented Thirteen Medals at 2012 World Cheese Awards

“People often ask me what the secret is,” continues Sartori.”The first thing I tell them is that it all starts on the farm; we are blessed to have wonderful family-owned patron dairy farms that provide us the highest quality supply of fresh rBST-free milk.” Many of Sartori’s patron dairy farmers are also multi-generation operations and have been selling milk to Sartori since the beginning in 1939. The farms are all within a close radius of the plant, enabling the company to convert the milk to cheese very quickly.

In addition to the strong local relationships and fresh milk, Sartori also maintains a rigorous milk quality program with its patrons. Sartori purchases 100% of their farmer’s milk and has field liaisons on the farms every day to help the farmers and ensure quality. All Sartori patrons are incentivized to ensure consistent top quality milk. “It’s all these things together,” says Sartori, “the fresh local milk, the family approach, the quality program, and the strong communication, that ensure our cheesemakers start with the best milk in the world.”

SOURCE Sartori Company