IFAW Joins U.S. State Department on Wildlife Conservation Day

Wildlife Conservation Day seeks to raise awareness about the harmful security, economic and environmental effects of wildlife poaching and trafficking; discourage consumer demand for products made from endangered species; and demonstrates efforts by citizens, activists, private corporations and governments to bring an end to the illicit wildlife trade.

To ensure consumers aren’t unknowingly participating in the illicit trade in wildlife, IFAW urges people to think twice before purchasing the following items:

1) Ivory

2) Products made of exotic skins: alligator, crocodile, lizard or snake such as belts, boots, handbags, wallets, etc…

3) Elephant hair items

4) Exotic birds

5) Live reptiles

7) Exotic wood – The loss of habitat in old growth forests is devastating for wildlife. In general if a wood is relatively light it is from a fast growing tree and is likely okay. If it feels heavy and dense it is from a slow-growing tree which needs protection.

8) Turtle shells

9) Porcupine quill accessories

10) Tiger-derived products such as bone wine, teeth or pelts

11) Any traditional medicinal products claiming to contain rhino horn, bear bile or other animal derivatives

12) Bird eggs or bird nests

13) Shahtoosh wool products

SOURCE International Fund for Animal Welfare