HDS International Announces Agreement with the City of Saint John, NB, Canada

By leading a partnered design, build, operate and maintain project, HDS stands to create value for its shareholders through economic participation in the project, which will be anchored by proven digester technologies. By design, the presence of baseline cash flows from digestion will significantly mitigate commercialization hurdles in the overlay of innovative IP.

According to the American Biogas Council, there are almost one million digesters in operation globally today, with the market positioned to support outsized ongoing growth rates. In the U.S., there are 191 digesters on farms, despite a population of more than 65,000 dairy farms, with other types of farms also able to benefit from digesters. In the wastewater sector, 1,500 digesters operate at wastewater treatment plants, of which 250 use biogas and 1,250 flare it. By comparison, there are over 17,000 wastewater treatment plants. At Saint John, HDS intends to demonstrate that its technologies can improve efficiency, reduce costs and generate additional sources of revenue for digesters, effectively lowering the threshold at which digesters become economically viable for the owner/operator and increasing the addressable market exponentially.

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