AppNexus Expands Global Technology Partnership with Microsoft to Include Video Advertising

Microsoft leverages AppNexus’ video technology in four ways. AppNexus provides video ad serving for direct sold inventory; instream monetization for real-time bidding (RTB); outstream monetization to drive new revenue on article pages; and VAST interstitial video to monetize games and apps.

“Within 30 days we successfully deployed AppNexus video in our first market,” continued Dougan. “We are scaling the AppNexus Video solution across additional markets and formats, making a large pool of video inventory available for demand partners, with phased activation planned throughout the rest of the year.”

The AppNexus Video SSP is designed to be flexible across video formats, scalable to connect the world’s largest programmatic video buyers and sellers, efficient for easy adoption, and effective for latency reduction. Formats supported include instream (pre-, mid-, and post-roll) outstream video for desktop and mobile, and VAST interstitial video for games and apps. Programmatic transaction models include video RTB, mediation, managed campaigns, deals, and direct served.

“As Microsoft was an anchor client for AppNexus’ display business many years ago, their partnership in video is a turning point for our video marketplace,” continued Hoffert. “The endorsement from a large publisher like Microsoft confirms the need for an independent, end-to-end, and cost-efficient video solution for buyers and sellers.”