100,000 Displaced HuffPo Contributors, Its Time for a New Theory

Since the 2012 release of Ryan Holiday’s Book: “Trust Me, I’m Lying; Confessions of a Media Manipulator,” the contributor platforms of many publications have been rapidly growing, creating opportunity for many budding entrepreneurs to give their viewpoints.

The shift has also raised questions about quality of work published under contributor accounts. New Theory holds a high standard for the content it publishes, but is also in partnership with it’s contributors to ensure the highest quality content is published.

The publisher of New Theory, Tom La Vecchia, noticed an increase of contribution requests as contributors were not happy with the direction of the platform. Yitzi Weiner, a Digital Marketer and PR specialist would share his stories about celebrities, CEOs and recently “Limit Breaking Female Entrepreneurs” as he recently signed onto New Theory as well.

Following from a successful launch of its podcast which had some great guests on such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Al Sharpton and Perez Hilton also have shared their “New Theory” about both business and lifestyle on the platform.

La Vecchia shares “contributors are the lifeblood of any relevant platform. Frankly, HuffPo is getting away from their roots and will try to monetize branded content vs. provided unbridled ideas from rank and file writers. So we want to let the world know our door is open to all qualified writers”.