AudioEye Leverages Its Technology for PDF Document Accessibility

This cloud-based solution will continue to push the envelope as more businesses and organizations look to automate accessibility compliance processes such as those supported through the Ally Product Suite, including testing, remediation, monitoring, and now, the PDF tagging process.

PDF template remediation is an ideal solution for high volume applications where, through a dynamic and on-demand process, standard information is pulled from an existing database to auto-populate a form that is then available for download in a portable document format.

“AudioEye is laser-focused on Digital Accessibility,” said Mr. Bankofier. “This is the next step in providing advanced accessibility solutions for online applications. The most important thing we never lose sight of, is that this new service takes another, even bigger step towards creating equal access online for millions.”

Leading with technology, AudioEye identifies and resolves issues of accessibility and enhances the user experience, making digital content more accessible and more usable for more people.

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