Analysis: Frequency Of Cellphone Cramming Scam Doubles In Illinois, CUB Concerned Wireless Customers Targeted As Landline Laws Tighten

Crammers hope consumers miss relatively small fraudulent third-party charges among the forest of fees on cellphone bills. They gain access to bills through text messages claiming prize winnings; ringtone downloads and other cellphone extras; and websites offering “free” services or a sweepstakes entry. Customers who respond to these lures-and even those who don’t-get hit with vaguely worded charges such as “premium texting,” “download charge” and “data” on their next bill.

At a minimum, CUB is pushing for federal regulators to require cellphone companies to allow customers to block third-party charges on bills. CUB also recommends consumers take these steps:

Consumers who spot a suspicious charge should:

SOURCE Citizens Utility Board