Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. Announces Chairman of the Board

Charmaine King, CEO, today commented, “I’m delighted to announce Martin Hall has accepted the position as Chairman of the Board. Martin brings years of experience and knowledge in international mining projects, international business and a vast leadership to aid GGSM in its future endeavors. We believe Mr. Hall will play a significant role in GGSM’s growth in the future. We are proud to have him as part of the team and feel that this is another positive step forward for GGSM and brings us yet another step closer to production.”

Mr. Martin Hall is a successful, well regarded and respected international businessman. He is the current President of 22 international, specialist partner companies structured under the “umbrella” of the Salamax and Changing Tides Group of Companies. Mr. Hall is also a former Intelligence Operative, Counter-Terrorism Expert and Specialist Investigator into Trans-National Organized Crime. During the latter part of his career, he served as a Diplomat with formal Accreditation to the United Kingdom and several other EU countries. He is strategically aligned with the AU, EU, SADC AND COMESA. Described by business associates as a humanitarian, philanthropist and visionary thinker, Mr. Hall has committed his Group of Companies to “help build the Africa of the Future.” They have pioneered and developed cutting-edge technologies relating to Renewable Energy, Health & Infection Control, Infrastructure Development, Agriculture, Water Treatment and Mining. Mr. Hall is working closely with numerous African governments in an effort to transform the mining industry on the Continent and to provide them with related technologies that will revolutionize the manner in which mining had been conducted in the past. Recently quoted and in his own words, Mr. Hall stated: “All the companies within my organization are committed to a triple-P-bottom line, namely: People, Planet and Profit — whereas we aspire to generate significant profits for our investors; whilst at the same time creating wealth for local impoverished communities in Africa.”

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