Research and Markets: McEvoy & Farmers Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Brazil

McEvoy & Farmer’s Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Brazil is designed for companies that are looking for an overview of the conditions of the IVD market and a road map to finding a local distributor.

The Country Summary section addresses top line market numbers, growth rates, new developments, insurance, reimbursement, product registration, etc. The profiles of international manufacturers with an office in the country, local manufacturers and local distributors include contact information with key personnel, address, phone, fax and emails.

The profiles also list the products they manufacture and companies they represent as well as comments about the company.

Market Totals

What is new in Brazil?


The Economy

The Health Sector




Reconditioned Instruments

Product Registration


Local Diagnostic Product Manufacturing

Tenders and Negotiation

Market Segmentation

Reagent Rental

Quality Control

– Abbott Laboratories

– Alere

– bioMrieux

– BioSys

– BioTcnica

– Biodina

– Biodinamica

– Biolgica

– Biotek

– Control Lab

– DiaSorin

– Diagon

– Doles

– Drake

– ELITech Group

– Especialista Produtos Para Laboratorio

– Grifols

– Hemagen

– Horiba ABX

– In Vitro Diagnstica

– Intercientfica

– Labor Import

– Laborlab

– Labtech

– Medivax

– Micronal

– Mindray

– NL Diagnstica

– Phadia

– Prisma

– Qiagen

– RCR Rinaldi

– REM Indstria e Comrcio

– Randox

– Roche

– Siemens

– Sysmex

– Wama