EAWC Technologies Delivers the Comprehensive Solution for Water and Energy Scarcity

One of the most innovative water purification methods employed by EAWC Technologies is the Atmosphere Water Generator, which extracts water directly from the air for use in agriculture, military applications and building industries as well as to provide drinking water for local populations. The water used can often be recycled and purified over and over again, allowing for a greater degree of efficiency in managing water supply needs. Solar-powered water purification systems also provide a reliable source of drinking water in areas where the existing water has been contaminated through overpopulation, industrial development or where sea water is readily available. Highly-advanced filtration systems and osmosis membranes provide the purification power necessary to produce the needed water in these regions of the world.

EAWC Technologies is an established leader in the green energy field and has patents on a number of important renewable energy processes that include elements of its CO2 Free Energy Production Solar and Wind Energy Solutions packages. By combining the technological advances necessary to produce clean energy and clean water, EAWC has positioned itself effectively to be the primary and comprehensive solution to both problems and to provide an exceptional array of green tech tools for mitigating water shortages and energy scarcity across the globe.

EAWC has developed these water purification and production systems and energy technologies alone and in conjunction with other innovators in the green technology industry. One major partner in these enterprises is EAWC’s holding company, Powermax, which performed the initial market research that led to this new approach to clean and green tech in the global marketplace. These technologies are designed to provide real help for those in underserved areas where water scarcity is already making an impact on the quality of life and health for residents. By combining water purification and energy production methods into one integrated solution, EAWC Technologies has positioned itself for exceptional growth and profitability while serving the needs of populations increasingly affected by a lack of clean water and green energy alternatives.

SOURCE EAWC Technologies