Ora King Salmon From New Zealand Launches Nationwide

The Ora King brand represents the culmination of world-leading, sustainable practices developed by New Zealand King Salmon Company during 20 years of farming in the pristine waters of the South Island’s Marlborough Sounds.

“Our classical breeding program combines 20 years of time-honored husbandry practices and seven generations of King salmon,” said Ian Rolmanis, Breeding Program Supervisor for Ora King. “This has produced over 90 distinct King salmon families, chosen so that only the finest examples of King salmon, with the best culinary traits, are carried forward to subsequent generations.”

Once the Ora King salmon complete their journey to the processing facility, each one undergoes a thorough cleaning, washing, grading and preparation process. Master Graders, dedicated to Ora King, then review each fish against standards for size, color and quality. Once approved, an individually numbered Ora King gill tag is attached to allow for authenticity of origin and traceability for customers. The salmon are shipped in the newly designed Ora King carton, a recyclable, insulated container, ensuring delivery in optimum condition to customers around the world.

Being an introduced species, Ora King salmon pose no threat to indigenous wild populations, and their feed is sourced from sustainable, certified GMO-free suppliers. No antibiotics, vaccines or pesticides of any kind are used as the Marlborough Sounds provide a clean and pristine environment in which to raise salmon.

The majority of Ora King salmon are sold whole or as fillets via seafood distributors to restaurants throughout the U.S. Also available is Ora King Smoked Salmon, a traditional cold smoked salmon that is filleted and pinboned by hand, brined with sea salt and cold water, and slowly smoked for nine hours over native manuka wood.

To date, Ora King is served at numerous, well-respected restaurants and specialty retailers throughout the U.S., including: