New Trout Burgers Offer Tasty, Healthy Treat

In addition to being just plain tasty, the burgers promise to bring a healthier addition to your menu. Rainbow Trout Burgers are loaded with protein, gluten free and rich in Omega-3’s.

In a recent Foodservice Radio interview, Alan Kahn, VP of Marketing for Clear Springs Foods, details the benefits of 100 percent Real Idaho Rainbow trout including consistent customer satisfaction, ease of preparation and several health benefits.

“This burger is great because it’s a way to eat rainbow trout without the skin on it,” said Kahn. “If you cook a rainbow trout fillet or whole fish you have to leave the skin on it because it is a rather thin fish. But with the Rainbow Trout Burger it gives you the opportunity to prepare a very healthy burger in about 6-8 minutes. The nice qualities about the Trout Burger are that it’s a 4-ounce, 4-inch burger to fit a 4-inch burger bun which is pretty common. It only has 160 calories per serving and only 3 grams of saturated fat per serving. It’s very high in Omega-3’s and it has 22 grams of protein per burger which is pretty high.”

And what about satisfying our taste buds?

“It’s got a very mild taste,” said Kahn. “It’s made with 100 percent trout. It’s got some Monterrey Jack cheese in it and seasonings. There’s absolutely no filler whatsoever in the product so it’s very healthy, easy to prepare, very mild and doesn’t taste fishy at all.”

Clear Springs Foods, which has been around for 46 years, is the largest grower, processor and shipper of rainbow trout in the United States. Clear Springs ships fresh and frozen trout across the country on their own trucks, processing approximately 22 million pounds of trout every year. The water used to grow the trout comes from an underground aquifer approximately the size of Lake Erie which exits near the Clear Springs trout farms along the Snake River Canyon in Idaho.

“The unique thing about this water is that it is drinking water quality,” said Kahn. “It is highly oxygenated and it comes out at a constant 58 degrees which is perfect for growing rainbow trout. We raise the trout from eggs that we produce ourselves from brood stock. We’re vertically integrated and produce our own feed and develop and hatch our own eggs. It takes about 12-14 months to grow a trout. We have 100 percent, complete control and that’s how we can assure the quality of our product.”

In the interview, Kahn also addressed the importance of sustainability within the Clear Springs Foods operation.

“We are a non-consumptive user of water,” Kahn explained. “The water comes out of the canyon walls and we channel it into the raceways. We hold onto that water for about 30-40 minutes before it’s cleaned and exits into the Snake River essentially cleaner than it was when we used it.

“We are using our own brood stock to hatch our own eggs so we use the fish five or six years as brood stock and they produce eggs every year for producing rainbow trout and, therefore, we have a constant supply of eggs. Every year, we’re producing additional brood stock and the process repeats itself.”