USA Today Twitter Account Hacked By “The Script Kiddies”

Just days before this year’s anniversary of 9/11, The Script Kiddies posted news that Ground Zero was attacked to nbcnews, demonstrating a callousness for human tragedythat was seriously disturbing.

Now the group is back in action, taunting Twitter, stroking their egos and asking for your support on Facebook.

One of the tweets pointed to the script_kiddiez_ Twitter account, which now appears to be suspended. USA Today is also back in control of its account, and has posted an apology.

The relatively unsophisticated nature of the hacks – emailed spyware – could be the reason for the hacking group’s name. “Script kiddie” is a derogatory term in the hacker community that refers to those who use hacking tools and programs written by others to attack systems or deface websites.

Despite the simplistic nature of the technology involved in the hacks, they certainly are effective. Although Twitter has been good about responding quickly to breaches like this when they occur, it’s well past time for the social network to offer increased protections similar to those Facebook offers today.

On Facebook, accounts can be protected through additional authentication mechanisms, alerts, login approvals and even proactive suspensions of comprised accounts. Twitter, meanwhile, is constantly on cleanup duty.

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