In Home Skilled Nursing Kensington, San Diego Shares Ways Seniors Stay In Touch

San Diego Home Nursing Agency, Firstat Nursing Services Publishes “Three Ways an In Home Skilled Nurse Helps Seniors Stay in Touch with Loved Ones.”

Firstat Nursing Services, a Kensington home health and San Diego in home skilled nursing agency publishes “Three Ways an In Home Skilled Nurse Helps Seniors Stay in Touch with Loved Ones.”

“August is national family fun month, a time to consider the importance of family connections. It is important to keep seniors a part of their families, and also emotionally important that they remain active in the community and with their friends,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA.

Here are three ways an in home, skilled nurse can help keep senior citizens active in their community, in contact with friends and an active part of their own families.

In Home Nursing Keeps Seniors Safe Outdoors – It can be difficult for senior citizens to get around outside of their home safely. Many obstacles would be insurmountable without the help of a professional who is trained to assist elderly patients in getting around.

A skilled nurse will give a senior citizen the chance to not only get to important appointments on a regular basis, but also keep in touch with neighbors and friends in their community with regular trips outside to just walk, or be guided in a mobility device as needed, and stay in touch with friends.

Continuing With Chosen Events and Activities – Getting out to community activities that was a part of their regular life before they had trouble getting around is also important to seniors for their mental and emotional well-being. A skilled nurse will allow individuals to continue doing the things they love while protecting them from the hazards that exist for older people. A skilled nurse can also provide safe and reliable transportation to community events whenever necessary.

Getting to and from a distant family gathering has many tactical issues that must be dealt with. A skilled nurse will understand the need for medical and physical needs to be met, and can make the necessary arrangements to be sure that all requirements are in place.

If it isn’t possible for an in home nurse to travel great distances with a family member to a big event, they communicate with other services at the destination. They will work with extension services to make sure everything is in place for the senior citizen when they arrive, so they are safe and can attend the event without difficulty.

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