Samsung Invites Greater Waltham Area Residents and Businesses to Recycle Electronic Waste for Free

Samsung will host an E-Waste Collection Event on Saturday, December 8th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Field Complex, 381 Forest St., Waltham, Mass.

The event provides Waltham area residents and businesses an opportunity to responsibly unload their old computers, TVs, computers, stereo equipment, printers, and virtually any other unusable or unwanted consumer electronics in a safe and environmentally-responsible way at no cost.Electronic products contain valuable resources such as metal, plastic, and glass which should be recycled instead of thrown away.

“It is extremely important to us that we serve as a positive, sustainable example for the rest of our industry,” said Michael Moss, Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs for Samsung Electronics America.”It’s particularly rewarding to be able to provide opportunities such as these free collection events.Proper recycling of electronics is the responsible thing to do for our planet. We’re working to help make it easier to do the right thing.”

This event is part of Samsung Recycling Direct (SRD), a recycling program that focuses on protecting people, the environment, and developing countries from the threats posed by improper disposal and management of e-waste.Samsung earned the distinction of being the first manufacturer to achieve e-Steward Certification. This recognition acknowledges the company’s dedication to protecting human health and the environment by adhering to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection in electronic equipment disposal. Since 2008, Samsung Recycling Direct has recycled more than 232 million pounds of electronic waste in the United States to date.

The e-waste collected at Saturday’s event will be recycled by Samsung’s recycling partner Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), a Holliston-based company that is the largest electronic waste recycler in the country.

“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Samsung for this special program,” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of ERI. “Samsung is an organization that has long been forward-thinking in terms of environmental concerns. Together, we are helping the people of Massachusetts become more environmentally responsible and offering them a convenient opportunity to safely dispose of their old electronic junk at the same time.”