Research and Markets: Research on China Peach Market, 2012-2017

In 2011, the cultivation area of peach and nectarine reached 69.2h?, output reached 11 million tons, the cultivation scale and total output were third following apples and pears. In 2011, annual export volume was 38,962,208kg; the exports amount was $27,497,903. In January-September 2012, the peaches exports volume was 44,265,377kg, exports amount was $44,958,484. China peaches are mainly exported to Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Russia; smaller volume are exported to Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.

Huidian Research thinks that peach and nectarine cultivation area was 692,000 h?in 2011, increasing 0.5% over 2010. Peach and nectarine total output was 11.05 million tons, decreasing 10.3% compared to 2010. The output in 2010 had a decrease of 2.2% compared to that in 2009. Therefore, it can be judged that China cultivation area of peach and nectarine will be stable or declined slightly in the next period of time. However, with the improvement of per unit yield, the total output of peaches and nectarines will continue to grow. On these grounds, the sales amount will be CNY12.71 billion in 2012, CNY13.34 billion in 2013, the industry sales amount will reach CNY16.22 billion in 2017.

1. China Peach Products Overview

2. World’s Major Peach Production Counties, 2011-2012

3. Development Environment in China

4. Industry Characteristics

5. China Peach Industry Development Analysis

6. Import and Export

7. Production Technology Development in China

8. Key Domestic Peach Products Enterprises

9. Industry Investment Proposals

10. Development Trend Forecast and Investment Prospects Analysis

11. Investment Proposals from Experts

– Shandong Runpinyuan Food Co. Ltd.

– Jinshan Modern Agriculture Park Shengmu Peach Orchard

– Beijing Lvgufeng Native Products Co. Ltd.

– Chongqing Chengxin Nuts Co. Ltd.

– Anhui Suzhou Food Science and Technology Co. Ltd.