LocalSense & Leapdog Launch New Marketing Tool to RDU Businesses

LocalSense Inc., a Raleigh, NC tech startup has partnered exclusively with Leapdog Marketing Inc., a Raleigh, NC internet marketing company, to launch their new advertising tool to local businesses in the RDU area.

LocalSense provides business owners with a unique marketing tool set to allow fast and easy creation of multiple offers that can be seen by consumers with the LocalSense free mobile application in up to five geo-targeted locations chosen by the business. Offers can be created in minutes and go live instantly on the app, allowing creative and hyper-targeted marketing unlike any other method currently available. Consumers with the app see nearby offers and have the ability to share them with up to five friends through social media and save them to redeem later. Those five friends can each share the offer with up to five of their friends, creating a personalized sharing experience resulting in up to 30 potential customers seeing an offer that was initially shared by one person. Customers redeem the offer by scanning a QR code at the point of sale using the app on their smartphone. The purchase amount of the transaction is instantly sent to the business’s LocalSense dashboard, providing detailed ROI tracking for their offers.

“While developing the LocalSense product we set out to address the issues many small businesses have had in trying daily deal advertising methods. The logical approach was to support the needs of the business owner, who is ultimately our client, while also addressing the needs and demands of consumers to have the ability to easily access local offers using mobile devices,” explains John Finocchiaro, COO at LocalSense. “We believe that the business owner should be in full control of the offer creation process while having a way to accurately measure their ROI in real-time. Rather than having to create unprofitable discounts for their products or services, share the remaining margins with a service and then wait to get paid last, our method ensure the business owner gets paid first, and each offer redeemed at their location only costs them $1,” John continues.

There is a small monthly subscription fee to use the tool, but with the initial launch Triangle area businesses can register and try the product with a 60 day free trial. Members of ShopLocalRaleigh, the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce and the Durham Chamber of Commerce get free access to the tool as part of their member benefits, made possible by strategic relationships formed with these associations.

“Leapdog Marketing is very excited about being selected by LocalSense to work with exclusively in the RDU market,” exclaims Erick Kirks, President at Leapdog Marketing. “Being familiar with the pains many of our clients have felt from trying daily deal marketing methods allows us to see the tremendous value of LocalSense providing the opportunity we know businesses need to affordably and effectively bring more local customers in. There are new products, tools and software being introduced all the time and this is by far the most impressive marketing tool we have seen in a very long time. To be associated with something that will be this impactful to the small business community is a true honor,” said Erick.