CSR Practitioners from Asia Visit Double As Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill

Bangkok, Dec 7, 2012 – (ACN Newswire) – CSR practitioners from Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines visited Double A’s integrated pulp and paper mill in Prachinburi, Thailand, to experience how Double A promote and integrate Corporate Social Responsibility in its business operations.

The mill visit was an extension of the recently concluded11th Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR) in Bangkok. It highlighted Double A’s award-winning and innovative Paper from KHAN-NA program which played a key role in poverty alleviation among Thai farmers. The 12 CSR practitioners have participated in the program by planting their own paper trees on the KHAN-NA (unused land between rice paddies) owned by one of Double A’s contract farmers in the area.

Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A senior executive vice president said, “As one of the biggest paper manufacturers in Thailand, it is our responsibility to have a positive social and environmental impact. Through activities like the recent mill visit, we were able to share what we’ve done so far to our like-minded CSR practitioners and they’re very satisfied with the experience. It’s always been our pleasure to welcome them in our mill.”

“I have a very good opinion of Double A because of its sustainability and development focus, and will try to promote the use of Double A paper both at the office and personally,” shared Mr. Georges Heinen, Senior Advisor of Asian Development Bank’s Thailand Resident Mission.

Another participant, Mr. Keagan Rubel, the Managing Director of the Shanghai-based InnoCSR Co., Ltd said that “Learning about the way Double A integrates sustainability into its corporate strategy by sourcing its raw materials from trees planted between farmlands and using waste to generate electricity” were the key takeouts from the trip.

About Double A Holdings Limited

Double A is a global leader in premium copy paper and is one of the most advanced fully integrated pulp and paper manufacturers in the world. Double A produces high performance, super smooth Double A paper which is available in more than 120 countries worldwide. Double A copy paper is produced from Farmed Trees grown by over 1.5 million contract farmers in Thailand. Double A’s pulp and paper production practices set an industry benchmark in environmental responsibility. Double A’s unique Farmed Trees initiative save precious old growth forests from logging. Trees are planted in open areas between and around rice fields and other crops, thereby maintaining the natural biodiversity. For more information about Double A, please visit DoubleApaper.com.

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