TEMIS Integrates Ontology Management and Semantic Enrichment in Luxid(R) 7

TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced the launch of Luxid(R) 7, the seventh generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment platform. With a new, significantly redesigned internal architecture, Luxid(R) 7 offers an even more scalable and robust semantic enrichment pipeline, and now also includes a dedicated ontology management tool, providing its users with an industry-first integrated workflow which is more powerful and more efficient.

An entirely new component of the Luxid(R) platform, Luxid(R) Webstudio is a natively multi-user, collaborative web application enabling users to create, edit and maintain an ontology while governing the way ontological objects are recognized by the Luxid(R) semantic enrichment pipeline. It also leverages the platform’s Natural Language Processing layer to

These powerful features make end-users more autonomous in creating or maintaining an ontology and the corresponding semantic enrichment pipeline. This translates into a considerably simplified and accelerated workflow, enabling improved time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.

Thanks to these evolutions, Luxid(R) 7 provides users with an unparalleled ability to add the value of semantic intelligence to their existing applications in complete coordination with their ontology or taxonomy management processes.

Luxid(R) 7 leverages TEMIS’s updated Skill Cartridge(R) Library, a range of off-the shelf, application-specific information extractors, and includes its Content Enrichment Studio suite of tools, ensuring the industrial creation, maintenance and quality evaluation of Skill Cartridges(R). Luxid(R) 7 is a powerful tool for the Luxid(R) Community, enabling users in a matter of minutes to import any thesaurus or taxonomy and consequently populate the website’s Marketplace with new and innovative annotation resources.

TEMIS helps organizations structure, manage and exploit their unstructured information assets. Its flagship platform, Luxid(R), identifies and extracts targeted information to semantically enrich content with domain-specific metadata. This enables professional publishers to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience, and helps organizations to intelligently archive, manage, package, deliver, access and analyze increasing volumes of information.

TEMIS’ innovative solutions have attracted the business of leading organizations such as AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Agence France-Presse, American Lawyer Media, BASF, Bayer Pharma, Bloomberg BNA, BNP Paribas, CABI, Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut, Elsevier, Europol, French Ministry of Defense, French Ministry of Finance, Gannett, Karger, Les Echos, Merck KGaA, Nature Publishing Group, Novartis, OECD, RSNA, Sanofi, Simon & Schuster, Springer Science+Business Media, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Thieme, Thomson Reuters, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Volkswagen and Wiley.